The community cabins are integrated into the mainland area and encourage a more social and realistic community living experience.


Tenants will have less privacy and control over their plots, such as changing media and windlight settings. Security orbs are permitted to keep out unwanted visitors. All community cabins come with security orbs. Community cabin residents will also have sky use privileges.


The prims used by estate management for the cabins and landscaping will NOT count towards the prim allowance. This means that tenants renting a community cabin will have their FULL 750 prims to use for themselves! If the tenant wishes to change the cabin to one of their own, then the prims will be added to the parcel's prim allowance. Please refer to Additional Building Codes for Cabins in the Common Area Only under Section E of the Jilin Estates Covenant if you are planning to renovate a community cabin. You may ask one of the estate managers to provide you with a prim count meter so that you can keep track of your prim usage.

** To rent a community cabin, simply pay the mailbox located by the front door of the building and that will indicate to staff that you have officially claimed the property.





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